Would you follow Edward in disguise? Do you know the legend behind the Bridge of Sighs in Venice? The 12th chapter is up!
Summary: "There was a reason behind Edward's rebellious period – a reason that still holds true and brought him to Italy. His existence has been predicated on revenge for decades, to the point that forgiveness seems impossible. When Edward meets Bella, only a winter separates him from his last human prey and his own destruction." AU-Vampires.

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This chapter's suggestion is 

La Locandiera, (The Innkeeper Woman) by Carlo Goldoni

Here (http://freshwaterseas.com/theater/mistress/mistress-excerpt.pdf) you can read an excerpt of the book, in its English translation.

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    1. Uh-oh...Thanks the link to your amazing blog. You gave a lot of reading to me... just I have no time, damned real life... I have too much work at this time of the year - until the end of may. But I'm reading your 'winter'story. But please, tell me, Edward will survive his self-doubting. I just love him, and for my surprise your Bella too. Though I don't like Bella in so many ffs - and in the Twilight Saga.

      1. Hi Twmmy!

        Thanks for your comment!

        I hope you'll enjoy "An Italian Winter" -- the answer to your question about Edward surviving his self-doubting will come in the story, in due time :)

        “When It's Dark Enough, You Can See The Stars”

        - Raum


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