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I am very grateful to Miaokuancha, who alerted me to this amazing story.

Renesmee is on the run. The Cullen’s jewel is troubled. She is unsure of herself, unsure of Jacob’s feelings for her and jealous of her “perfect” mother. Learning that the Quileute loved Bella before she was born is the last straw.

"How long?" she said, her voice low and deadly.
Jacob was wiping blood off his torso with the back of his hand, staring at her like he'd never seen her before. "What?" he finally asked. She couldn't tell if his confusion was feigned or genuine.
"How long? How long have you been in love with my mother?"
His mouth fell open and his hand stilled above his stomach. "What are you talking about?"
"Don't lie! Don't you dare lie! Charlie told me, Jacob. He told me everything and you're still lying to me..."

Now, a troubled teenager might sulk. A troubled half vampire kills. Due to a fit of temper an innocent passerby dies under her sharp teeth.
Ashamed by what she has done, she leaves her home and ends up in Paris, penniless and with no documents she can use.

Befriended by a Muslim book seller and his lovely daughter, Fatima, Nessie finds hospitality in the popular Saint Denis neighborhood, where social strife is brewing among the mostly North African inhabitants. Some of the ire, however, is directed to liberated women.

After a while, guilt eating her up. Renesmee thinks she can atone for her sin by becoming a vigilante like her dad. Without killing the evil people she thwarts and manhandles, to be sure.

She crawled forward like a cat and leaned over the edge. Below her, all the way down by the dumpster, was a woman. Her face was pressed into the outer wall of the building, and a huge man stood behind her with one hand against her head and one hand...
She had no time to think. She hopped onto the ledge that lined the roof and dropped like a stone, landing right beside them and knocking the man unconscious with one blow to the side of the head. As soon as he went down she sprang away again, but she couldn't quite jump high enough and had to scramble the last few stories of the opposite building, where she hid and watched the woman's chest rise and fall too quickly as her head turned left, right, looking for her invisible savior. Finding nothing, she stared down at the inert man for a moment and then ran, holding her torn dress together as she stumbled down the street. 

Only, the most evil among the criminals in Paris’ underbelly, seem to have an inhuman leader: Felix of the Volturi.

There was no way they didn't know to whom this property belonged. She had just implicated her whole family in what she was doing. That one little excuse the Volturi had been waiting for... she had just handed it over. Felix was probably back in Volterra already, palm open for his master to share everything he'd seen—the Cullens, sabotaging their financial operations. Demetri could find them in Scotland in a matter of hours.
Her family was going to be obliterated.

In this amazing story – 11 chapters so far – the background is both realistic and captivating – No rainbows and bunnies: life in Saint Denis is harsh, particularly for women who, like Nessie’s friend, are "not whores nor subservient." All the psychological details are right on spot (we see also Edward’s despair and Alice trying to come to the rescue of the errant girl), and the action is unrelenting. 
Don’t miss it.
Thank you, Camilla!
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