Today's guest for the Writing Lab is Nayarit. Her lesson about Writing multiple POVs/redundant POVs has been one of the most read and appreciated of My Reading's Lounge writing lab.

A good news: she's going to contribute again to the Writing Lab!

Let's read and discuss her article about:

"Accents in Writing"

Nayarit says:

"When I sent out my first manuscript to an editor, she tore that thing apart. Rather viciously actually. But I’ll never forget every single writing lesson she taught me. And one of those lessons was about conveying dialect in writing and the use of misspellings."

Since the article is very rich, you can download it:

Nayarit - Accents in Writing (.pdf)

Don't forget to follow Nayarit's advice:

"If you remember to keep to the golden rule of everything in moderation, the use of word choice, cadence, and grammar can prove to be an interesting and exciting way to explore writing in accents and dialects. But more than that it shows a reader, instead of telling them. And that’s what you should strive for in your writing.
Explanations, -ly adverbs, oddball verbs of speech, trick spellings—these can’t really help your writing because they distract a reader, they blur the lines instead of transitioning them seamlessly. They take the place of good writing and dialog rather than helping create it. But if you don’t take the easy way out and put forth a little effort, research, and creativity, you’ll find that the payout is something that is rewarding for both the writers and the readers

Thank you, Naya!

Check Naya's stories! http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1806040/Nayarit

Readers and writers, you are very welcome to discuss!

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