Thanks to Lissa Bryan's and Camilla's suggestions, I'm pleased to recommend an article by Donya Linne and a book by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

In her book Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View, Nelson -- award-winning author and writing teacher -- helps fellow writers to anchor their readers inside the point of view character(s) of their novels, and she teaches the transformation from ordinary narrative to deep narrative

In her article  

Donya Linne comments Nelson's book and deals with these topics:
  • What is Deep POV? 
  • Phrases and Words that Scream "Shallow POV" as Opposed To Deep 
  • The Five Senses...If You Tell Us the Senses, You're Not Deep Enough 
  • Avoid Naming Feelings and Emotions If You Want to Go Deep 
  • Prepositional Tells - Ditch 'em 

I've found those suggestions very effective, and I hope Donya Linne's article and Jill Elizabeth Nelson's book will help you as well.

As usual, your comments are welcome!

- Raum


  1. Thank you for sharing my blog. I hope you and your readers find the tips helpful.

    1. Dear Donya,

      thank you for writing such an interesting post and for recommending J E Nelson's book!

      - Raum

  2. Dear Raum,
    Thanks for posting this book by JE Nelson about deep POV! And thanks also, to Donya for recommending it.
    I will be picking up a copy! This is one of those books that helps explain why one book is better than another.
    I remember taking writing classes in undergraduate school taught by some amazing writing teachers, and doing some writing tutorials as well. All the teachers agreed that great writing never "tells" but "shows". Unfortunately, lots of published writing today is of the former catagory. I think its possible for readers to get lazy, and want to be "told" everything. This author inspires me to want to write better, and to be picky in my reading choices. I suspect the best writers read good quality writing themselves.
    Wishing you good reading, and writing!

    1. Hi Holly!

      thank you very much for your kind comment!

      All the best,

      - Raum


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